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Solar and Battery

Powered Security

Surveillance 4G Camera

Place the Camera Anywhere

(Even With No Power)

100% Wire-Free

Connect To Your Smartphone Via 4G Phone Simcard

  • Powered by solar from the sun and lithium batteries storing the power
  • Motion detection with app notification alerts on your mobile
  • Mobile smartphone app viewing and control anywhere in the world
  • Change camera direction & view from your smartphone app
  • Colour Night vision with motion-activated LED Lights
  • Infrared Nightvision (up to 30m)
  • 2-way audio communication to speak and listen
  • 4G or Wifi Internet Communication for viewing online
  • SD card & cloud storage
  • Standalone system for 1 or many cameras
  • No recorders, power or cables required
  • Multiple users can access at any time
  • Easy DIY set up
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Perfect For Farms, Property, Off-Grid, Construction Sites, Remote Sites, Or Homes That Want To Save Money And Time Installing Traditional CCTV Security Cameras And Running Lots Of Cables.

This Is The Best Security Camera To Buy If You Only Require 1 Camera Instead Of A Full System. Although These Are Great As An Individual Or Standalone Camera, You Can Add Multiple Cameras On Your Site And View Them All In The One Smartphone App.

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